Aged photos as an inspiration? Why not!

The story begins with my father. As a passionate collector of all aged and archaic items in his workroom and basement the items of the past started to pile up. Next to statues, lamps, toys, jewellery and books there were found also boxes hiding around 3000 negatives of photos and postcards from all over Europe. Their age is apparent upon the first sight and touch trying to uncover their story.

The road from negatives to digital

As of now I have went through half of the negatives and chose 60 of unique shots that are calling for turning them into digital to share the full picture of their content. Thanks to a homemade system of light – glass layer – negative – glass layer – camera I can finally start the journey of discovering the old stories of people. This fascinating journey leads one to realize, that those are not simple photos or postcards, but one can witness something that is very common nowadays – manipulation of reality.

Hard to say, whether the family pictured above was on a trip in the mountains or just in an atelier of a handy palaverer. What is for sure is that we have the material to implement in our next product lines. I will not tell you more on this right now, stay tuned and wear bound.


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