Design jewellery from the heart of Europe. Clean design, high qualify materials and Czech manufacture. Those are the buildings blocks of Wear Bound and define our products. They gain personal touch, emotion and own story once they become yours.

„Wear Bound mirrors a certain direction, path, lifestyle. The things we surround ourselves with are to be perceived as more than a material. It is an expression of our personalities, perceived by others. Within this approach, Wear Bound builds on a more personalized, unconventional and contrasting experimental ideas whether it is accessories, clothing or interior items. Based in Prague, Czech republic, European market and fashion is in the spotlight. Our essential intention is to co-work closely with contemporary artists, graphic designers and craftsmen but also with our fans and consumers.“

Wear Bound was founded by Jana Kubátová and Matej Zimák, a couple sharing passion for art, design and fashion. Through their branded design platform they want to express and shape their ideas with a personal touch in the fashion industry. Their personal (completely different) backgrounds bring diverse perspectives to the table.

Jana is an art curator and project manager with several successful projects behind her ranging from European exhibition project Contain[era] initiation, an art focused non-profit organization Inter-Art direction, to T-shirt brand BEAUX {bó} foundation, longing for a more composite and rich design platform to mirror her ideas. Matej is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a legal background and past experience rooted mostly in e-commerce and e-zine projects, website development and entrepreneurship-themed event organization pursuing his dream to step over the line and shape his own experimental products contrasting with the mainstream wear.

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